Electric Quilt 5 Price: $110.00

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Now you can design a quilt that no one has ever done before! And have fun designing it. With EQ5 you can creat your own one of a kind quilt design. EQ5 is easy enough for the most novice of PC users, yet full featured enough for the most sophisticated professional.




  • Design any quilt! Traditional or far out.
  • Thousands of new blocks and fabrics have been added.
  • Import photographs for memory quilts!!!
  • New and enhanced custom quilt tools
  • Print Templates and foundation patterns, applique patterns and rotary cutting charts.
  • You can even print yardage charts, in color.



  • Must have a CD-ROM
  • Requires Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, NT 4.0, Vista, Windows 7
  • Required Hard Drive Space - TBA
  • RAM - 32 (Suggested); (64) Recommended
  • 16 Bit/high Color Monitor Capable of 800/600 Resolution
  • Will run on any MAC that runs Virtual Windows for PC
  • Internet Explorer 5 or Higher (Needed to View Help Files)
  • Space Requirements: 90 MB Hard Drive Space for Compact Installation
  • 244 MB Hard Drive SPace for Full Installation to include embroidery Library, extra library files, 3000 scanned fabrics and help videos.
  • Will run on Macx using Windows conversion (Virtual PC) or Macintosh with a 603 180 MHz processor or better. With Parallel, Fusion and Windows XP or Higher.