EQ6 Simplified by Fran Iverson Gonzalez Price: $21.95

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Attention EQ6 beginners! EQ6 Simplified, the newest and biggest of our best-selling “Simplified” tutorials is ready. Popular EQ teacher and author Fran Iverson Gonzalez holds your hand as you work through step-by-step instructions in eight fun lessons. It’s like taking classes right in your own home. Fran has taught thousands of EQ beginners and she’ll teach you too as you design fabulous, yet simple, quilt designs.




  • A new book to help you learn to use the new features in EQ6
  • 8 New Lessons
  • A beginner's companion to Electric Quilt 6 Software


  • This Book Includes 8 Lessons that will help you:
  • Learn to modify your existing quilts, color, and calculate fabric yardage.
  • Create amazing quilts starting with a quick-quilt project and modifying blocks, fabrics and borders.
  • Work with the new on-point layout style.
  • Convert a block into a motif, combine EasyDrawâ„¢ and PatchDraw designs, and create quilting stencils.
  • Play with the Symmetry and Serendipity tools which make instant changes to your quilt and block designs.
  • Design a pieced quilt backing and add a personalized quilt label.
  • Create beautiful flower patterns with the Wreathmaker.
  • Use the Set Appliqué Text tool to personalize a quilt label.
  • Print complex foundation patterns.
  • Make designs move with a series of high impact borders.
  • Finish off your quilt with a Prairie Points border.
  • Create dazzling appliqué with PatchDraw.
  • Step outside the box, designing abstract quilts.
  • And, so much more!!!!