EQ 5 Drawing Book by Patti Anderson Price: $21.95


This is the perfect book for beginners who don’t know what or how to draw, as well as designers and teachers wanting to publish or be published.


  • A beginner's companion to Electric Quilt 5 software
  • Starting with the basics, Patti explains do's and don'ts, and presents dozens of time-saving tips.
  • You will learn how to look at a favorite block design and redraw it in EQ5.
  • You will master EQ5's powerful drawing tools,
  • Creating blocks you've admired in magazines and quilt shows



  • This Book contains 4 Chapters:
  • In Chapter 1 Patti begins with "Basic Block Drawing". She teaches you the basic skills and tools you'll need to draw blocks
  • In Chaper 2 EQ users learn how to "Draw with the Advanced Drawing Features"
  • In Chapter 3 Patti continues to raise your drawing skills "More Advanced Drawing".
  • Chaper 4 will continue the drawing challenge with "Very Advanced Drawing"