EQ 5 Simplified by Fran Iverson Gonzalez Price: $21.95

This book will gives you a gentle nudge to start designing in your new quilt designing program. The "Getting Started" book that came with your program showed you what is now in EQ5. With EQ5 Simplified you will get more detailed instructions on how to use your program. By the time you complete the 10 lessons be an "EQ Expert".




  • A beginner's companion to Electric Quilt 5 software
  • EQ5 Simplified takes you step by gentle step on a learning journey through Electric Quilt 5.
    Master teacher Fran Iverson Gonzalez has created the perfect beginner's companion to Electric Quilt 5.



  • This Book Includes 10 Lessons that will help you:
  • Explored the block and fabric libraries
  • Create your own fabric palette and block collections
  • Import fabrics
  • Draw pieced, appliqué, overlaid blocks and quilting stencils
  • Use the Wreathmaker
  • Plan a variety of layouts and borders
  • Add sashes and prairie points
  • Learn construction shortcuts
  • Prepare a project for e-mailing
  • Create a quilt label
  • Design a quilt backing
  • Print blocks, templates, foundations, yardage charts, appliqué, stencils and quilts.