EQ5 Color, by Susan McKelvey Price: $21.95

From Susan McKelvey a book that brings color theory to life in EQ5 lessons. Understanding color theory has never been this fun! Color expert and quilt designer, Susan McKelvey, brings color theory to life as you work through her easy lessons. Can also be used with EQ6 for color planning.




  • Color right on your computer screen to see color changes instantly! Learn to give your quilts
    the color effects you admire but never knew how to create.



  • Susan's easy lessons teach you how to:
  • Create illusions of transparency
  • Use value gradations to produce movement
  • Control background and foreground through color
  • Analyze color contrast within fabrics
  • Find new color schemes by using geometric shapes
  • Simulate dimension using light and shadow
  • Develop your color scheme from multi-colored prints
  • And so many more possibilities