Mariner's Compass Block Factory, Volume 1 CD Price: $29.95

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If you've ever struggled with Mariner's Compass Blocks or if you're afraid to even try, Judy Mathieson and Quilt-Pro Systems have come to your rescue! Block Factory--Mariner's Compass Edition is an easy-to-use CD-ROM that brings Mariner's Compass blocks within reach for every quiltmaker.




  • Over 130 different Mariner's Compass blocks chosen by Judy Mathieson
  • User Friendly--the interface is simple and self-explanatory
  • All blocks can be printed as paper foundations. (templates are also available.)
  • Print blocks any size you want and distort blocks by making circles into ovals.
  • Includes bonus Mariner's Compass screensaver.


  • Window 95 and higher
  • CDROM Drive
  • Will run on a MAC Computer running Virtual Windows for PC