EQ6/7/8 - Private Lessons Price: $80.00

Class/Workshop: EQ6/EQ7/EQ8 Private Class


Are you looking for private lessons on how to use your EQ6, EQ7, EQ8 Program?

Are you look for a place to schedule private instruction that will work with your schedule?


Are you looking for a class that will cover the features of the Electric Quilt Program that you are most interested in learning?

Would you like a private Electric Quilt class that you can tailor to your learning needs?

Then, this is the class for you.

Select Level:

     EQ6/7/8 Beginner Class

     EQ6/7/8 Intermediate Class

     EQ6/7/8 Advance Class


Suggested Classes:

    Creating Paper Piecing/Foundation Piecing Blocks
    Creating Professional Handouts for Quilting Teachers
    Creating Appliqué Blocks
    Creating Pieced Borders and Sashing
    Creating Custom Layouts Using your Quilting Program
    Using Images in your Quilting Program

    Creating Class Handouts using EQ and MS Word
    Designing Appliqué Blocks Workshop
    Foundation/Paper Piecing Blocks Workshop
    Using your Scanner and "STASH" to create Quilts

    Using your Scanner with your Quilting Program
    Adding Fabric to your Quilting Program to Design your Quilts
    Drawing and Tracing Block Designs in your Quilting Program
    Creating Custom Quilts using Layouts and
    Creating Quilting Stencils for use with Long Arm
    Quilt Layout Workshop
    Custom Quilt Layout Designs
    Custom Borders Designs
    Creating Modern Quilt Designs in Electric Quilt
    Creating Pictorial/Memory Quilt Layouts
    Creating Art Quilt Layouts
    Creating Exporting Embroidery Designs


Time: 4 hour minimum

Price: $25 per hour for each additional hour

Location: Temecula Quilt Company Quilt Shop, Temecula, CA

Email: sheila@sheilawilliams.com

Please take time to read the "Class Registration Policy" before you sign-up for the class.


"Private Lessons" dates must be agreed upon between student and instructor, in advance, by submitting at least three dates in separate e-mail. Weekday classes are available.


Private Classes can only be rescheduled once. Date and time must be agreed upon by Instructor and student.

Private Classes are Hosted by the Temecula Quilt Company Quilt Shop in Temecula, CA.



Maximum seats per class: N/A


Private Classes are "one on one" Instruction