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Posted 24 September 98

1. Check your preferences making sure:

a. That "Low Repaints" is selected
b. That "blocks open fit to screen" is selected.

2. Click on "Block" located on the menu bar, click on "Open" and select a block. I selected "BLK30074 - Heart and Flowers Block" in the Applique directory.

3. Once the block appears on screen, click any where on the screen to deselect the block. The black nodes will disappear from around the block.

4. Click on "Block" located on the menu bar then click on "Open". This time go to the "Stencil" directory and select a stencil. I selected BLK80032 - Continuous Hearts", click the OK button.

5. Yes, the stencil block will appear in the upper left and corner of your screen and the Applique block will move to the middle of the screen. The Stencil Block will be smaller. No problem.

6. Point, click and hold down your left mouse button on the Stencil Block. Drag the block to the upper left hand corner of the Applique Block then release your mouse button.

7. The black nodes should still be visible around the Stencil Block.

8. Move your mouse pointer to the lower right hand corner of the Stencil Block to the lower right node, your mouse pointer should turn in to a hand when it is over the lower right hand node. Click hold and drag the mouse to the lower right hand corner of the Applique block. Once the Stencil has covered the Applique Block release the mouse button.

9. The Stencil Block should now cover the Applique Block.

10. Click any where on your screen to de-select the Stencil Block. The black nodes will disappear from round the Stencil Block.

11. Move your mouse pointer to the upper right hand corner of the Stencil Block and click your left mouse button. The black nodes will reappear around the Stencil Block.

12. Press the delete key on your keyboard. The white background of the Stencil Block should disappear and only the Stencil lines should be visible on top of the Applique Block.

13. Save the Block and Stencil combination with a new name in your block library.

NOTE: I recommend create a separate folder for your new block creations to keep the original libraries intact. This will also allow you to locate your blocks faster.

14. You are now ready to use this new block in a quilt layout.



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