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Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2003


          1.        Locate a block in the block library or draw it into Quilt Pro.
          2.        If you draw the block in Quilt Pro make sure you  save it.   .
          3.        Open the Block
          4.        Rotate the block by using the Free Rotate" Tool on the Tool bar.
          5.        Note: Go to "Search for help" under help  and print out the directions on operating the Free Rotate" tool button. You will need to practice with this feature to get the hang of it.  You will also  use the "Rotation Increments Command" (print these instruction out from the "Search for help", also), located under Options then click on Snap. I set this at "10" and it worked fine for me.  I also unchecked the "Grid Snap" feature.  This allowed me to move the block where I wanted it.
          6.        To change the shape of the block select it then use the nodes around the block to make the block wider, longer, etc.
          7.        You will need to use the "group" and "ungroup" feature under Effects to move the block as a whole.  Note: As stated in the help file the Free rotate tool effects only a patch. To effect
          the whole shape  you have to first select each patch then group the block.
          Then use the Free rotate tool to rotate the block.
          8.        You will have to ungroup the block to recolor it.
          9.        Once you have one block rotated and reshaped, do a copy and paste to make another block.
          Repeat these same steps above to create the second and third blocks.
          10.       Be aware that with the two blocks on screen Quilt Pro will assume you want to
          group the first block to the second.
          11.       After you have the 3D block completed you will need to make a background for
          the block.  Use the rectangle tool to draw a box over the 3D box, select it and then
          click on Effects then select send to the back.
          12.       Use the select all feature to select the background and the 3D block, and Group
          them all together.
          13.       Save the new block and give it a name.
          14.       Now you are ready to use the new block in a quilt layout..
          15.       The difference between EQ3 and Quilt Pro, besides the obvious, is EQ3 have a layout
          for baby blocks which is what Karen used to layout her blocks, Quilt Pro does not
          have this kind of layout.  To get a 3D effect you must create the block free hand. It
          takes a bit of working to get this done but it is possible.


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