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Last Updated: July 7, 2011

These tutorials will display in your Internet Browser.
These tutorials will help you learn to use your EQ Program much faster and easier.
Simply click, watch and learn.


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The sample tutorials linked below and all the rest of the tutorials listed are all on the EQ Tutorial CD-ROM.

There are over 200 tutorials on the CD-ROM. These Tutorials can also be used with EQ7.

The CD-ROM will enable you to view the tutorials without accessing the Internet anytime you wish.

The best part is you do not have to install the program onto your hard drive which will save your hard drive space. Just pop the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive when you need to view a tutorial.

If you would like to order the "EQ Tutorial CD-ROM", click here to place your order. This Tutorial CD is only sold on this site.

The Tutorials will take a few seconds to load if this is your first time visiting this site. The Java settings in your Internet Browser must be enabled in order for you to view these tutorials. Go to the "Help" files in your browser for instructions on how to activate these settings. If you are using an older version of "Shockwave-Flash" You may have to upgrade to Version 5 or later.

You can work along with the tutorials by using the tiling feature in Windows. Just open your EQ Program and then minimize the program. Connect to the Internet, access this web page and start the tutorial you want to work with. Point to an open space on your taskbar and click your right mouse button. Click on "Tile Windows Vertically". You should see a split screen with your EQ program on one side and the web page on the other. Now you can view the tutorial and then click in your EQ Program put to work what you just learned. Yes, I know, very cool!! Once you finished with the tutorial, just right click the taskbar and click on "Undo Tile" to return your screen back to normal. These same instructions can also be used with the CD-ROM and your EQ once you purchase the program.

Special Viewing Hints:

Once the Tutorial appears on screen, press the "F11" key on your keyboard for a full screen view. Once the Tutorial ends, Press the "F11" key to return to normal view. Need to Slow the Tutorials down? Click here to view a Tutorial that will show you how to work with the Player Bar to start, stop and replay the Tutorials.

If you would like to order the "EQ Tutorial CD-ROM", click here to place your order. This Tutorial CD is only sold on this site

This Tutorial CD has no affiliation with The Electric Quilt Company.


If there is a Tutorial that you would like to see added to this CD drop me a line

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Manually Linking EQ Block Programs to EQ6
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YesUcan Freeware (will not be on CD)

Using Netscape to download the YesUcan Program
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the YesUcan Program
Getting around in YesUcan
How to Save info-eq Responses in "YesUcan"
How to download, install and create an Icon for YesUcan6