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Last Updated: July 7, 2011

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These tutorials will help you learn to use your EQ Program much faster and easier.
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The sample tutorials linked below and all the rest of the tutorials listed are all on the EQ Tutorial CD-ROM.

There are over 200 tutorials on the CD-ROM. These Tutorials can also be used with EQ7.

The CD-ROM will enable you to view the tutorials without accessing the Internet anytime you wish.

The best part is you do not have to install the program onto your hard drive which will save your hard drive space. Just pop the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive when you need to view a tutorial.

If you would like to order the "EQ Tutorial CD-ROM", click here to place your order. This Tutorial CD is only sold on this site.

The Tutorials will take a few seconds to load if this is your first time visiting this site. The Java settings in your Internet Browser must be enabled in order for you to view these tutorials. Go to the "Help" files in your browser for instructions on how to activate these settings. If you are using an older version of "Shockwave-Flash" You may have to upgrade to Version 5 or later.

You can work along with the tutorials by using the tiling feature in Windows. Just open your EQ Program and then minimize the program. Connect to the Internet, access this web page and start the tutorial you want to work with. Point to an open space on your taskbar and click your right mouse button. Click on "Tile Windows Vertically". You should see a split screen with your EQ program on one side and the web page on the other. Now you can view the tutorial and then click in your EQ Program put to work what you just learned. Yes, I know, very cool!! Once you finished with the tutorial, just right click the taskbar and click on "Undo Tile" to return your screen back to normal. These same instructions can also be used with the CD-ROM and your EQ once you purchase the program.

Special Viewing Hints:

Once the Tutorial appears on screen, press the "F11" key on your keyboard for a full screen view. Once the Tutorial ends, Press the "F11" key to return to normal view. Need to Slow the Tutorials down? Click here to view a Tutorial that will show you how to work with the Player Bar to start, stop and replay the Tutorials.

If you would like to order the "EQ Tutorial CD-ROM", click here to place your order. This Tutorial CD is only sold on this site

This Tutorial CD has no affiliation with The Electric Quilt Company.


Introduction to EQ4/5

EQ4 Tutorials

A Tour of the EQ4 Sketchbook
EQ4 Block Index

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Working with EQ4 Worktables
Working with Zoom
Using Special Menu Features
Saving a Project to a Writable CD

EQ5 Tutorials

Touring Border Styles in EQ5
Touring the EQ5 Sketchbook
Working with the EQ5 Block Window
Using the Save Copy As in EQ5
Saving a Project for E-mailing in EQ5
Using the Tape Measure in EQ5
Using the Context Menu in EQ5
Using the Favorites Tab in EQ Help
How to open EQ5 and EQ Help side by side on your Computer Screen

Installation, Setup and Update

EQ4 Tutorials

Setting up Preferences in EQ4

EQ4/5 Tutorials

What Version of EQ are you running?
How to turn on the "Status Bar" in EQ4
How to turn on the Rulers in EQ

EQ5 Tutorials

Setting up Preferences in EQ4
Setting up Automatic Save and Default Directories in EQ5

Working with Libraries

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Adding Blocks to an EQ4 Sketchbook
How to add a block to a style library
How to Delete Fabrics from a Style Library in EQ4
Adding Fabrics to the EQ Sketchbook
How to Save Imported Fabric to "My Library"
How to Delete Blocks from the Style Library in EQ

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Using Palettes from the EQ5 Palette Library
Using Embroidery Library in EQ5
Saving a Motif Block to the User Library
Creating New User Libraries in EQ5 (NEW)

EQ6 Tutorials

Using "Auto Link" to link EQ Block Programs to EQ6
Manually Linking EQ Block Programs to EQ6
Removing/Deleting Libraries from EQ6

Working with Projects

EQ4 Tutorials

Copying a Project in EQ
Deleting Default Fabrics from the Sketchbook in EQ4

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Creating and Naming a Project in Electric Quilt
Deleting a Project from the Electric Quilt Project Folder
How to Calculate Yardage for a Quilt Designed in EQ
Opening an Existing Project In EQ4
Using the save buttons in EQ
Renaming a Project in EQ
Saving a Project to a Disk
Opening a Project from a Disk

EQ5 Tutorials

Opening and Saving an EQ4 Project in EQ5
Deleting Default Fabrics from Sketchbook in EQ5
Restoring EQ5 Default Palette

Working Blocks

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Adding Block Colorings to "My Library"
Creating and Printing an Appliqué Block
Creating and Printing an Overlaid Block
Creating and Printing an EasyDraw Block
Drawing a Rectangular Block in EQ4
Resizing Blocks in Country Set
Removing Block Background
Eliminating the PatchDraw Background

EQ5 Tutorials

Searching for Blocks in EQ5
Copy and Paste Blocks in Custom Layout

Working with Palettes

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Creating a CYFQ Fabric Palette using the program Fabric File

EQ5 Tutorials

Creating Default Fabric Palettes
Creating Your Own Fabric Palettes in the Palette Library
Deleting Fabric Palette From the Palette Library

Working with EQ3 Projects

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Opening Electric Quilt 3 Projects

Quilt and Block Size

EQ4/5 Tutorials

How to find out your quilt size
How to find out the size of a block from your quilt layout
How to find out the size of an Appliqué block from your quilt layout
How to find out the size of your quilt stencil from your quilt layout

E-Mailing and Downloading Projects

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Attaching an EQ4 Project to a Netscape Message
Attaching an EQ4 Project to an Outlook Express Message
Attaching a Project to an Eudora Message
Opening a project sent by E-mail
Downloading and Opening a Shared EQ Project

EQ5 Tutorials

E-mailing a Project from EQ5

Exporting from EQ

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Exporting from EQ to a Word Processor
How to Export Snapshots of your Quilt and save it
Exporting Block Bitmap Images from EQ
Exporting Block Metafile from EQ

Support Programs

EQShow Tutorials


EQ4/5 Tutorials

How to Print Foundation Piecing Patterns in EQ
Printing Sections of a Paper Piecing Pattern
Deleting Templates form Preview Window
Printing Block Templates
Printing a Color Block from the Work on Quilt Layout Window
Printing Sections of Foundation Patterns
Printing a Block from a Quilt Layout
Printing a Quilt
Printing a White Block in EQ
Printing a Quilt Stencil
Printing a Block Outline
Printing a Block

EQ5 Tutorials

Printing Block Rotary Cutting Instructions
Moving and Deleting Templates in EQ5
Moving and Deleting Foundation Sections
Printing Templates from a "One Patch Quilt"
Finding the Size of a Border Strip
Printing Pieced Border Templates
Special Printing Instructions in EQ5
Printing Blocks from a Block Border

Quilt Layouts

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Creating A Horizontal Layout In EQ
Creating a Country Set Quilt Layout
Creating an On-Point Quilt Layout in EQ
Creating a Variable Point Quilt Layout
Creating a Variable Blocks Quilt Layout using EQ
Creating a Baby Blocks Quilt Layout in EQ
Creating Quilt Borders in EQ
Setting Blocks in a Quilt Layout
Setting a Plain Block in a Quilt Layout
Rotating and Flipping Blocks in a Quilt Layout
Using the Thread Color Tool
Adding Stencils to Quilts

EQ5 Tutorials

Working with the Border Toolbar
Creating a Vertical Strip Quilt in EQ5
Creating a Horizontal Strip Quilt in EQ5
Creating a One Patch Quilt Layout
Creating a Custom Set Quilt Layout
Creating Borderless Quilts using the Virtual Border
Cloning a Border in EQ5
Accessing Layout Library in EQ5
Using the Symmetry Tool in EQ5
Keeping Border Settings in EQ5
Creating Custom Patches for a One Patch Quilt
Sizing Borders in EQ5

Working with the Sketchbook

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Getting Blocks and Quilts from the EQ Sketchbook
How to Delete Blocks and Fabrics from the EQ Sketchbook

EQ5 Tutorials

Keeping Design Notes in Sketchbook

Working with the Drawing Features

EQ4/5 Tutorials

How to turn on the "Advance Drawing Features" in EQ4
How to customize the EasyDraw Toolbar in EQ4
How to customize the PatchDraw Toolbar in EQ
Description of tools in the EasyDraw Window
Description of tools in the PatchDraw Window
Description of tools in the Overlaid Window
Description of the Color Tools in EQ
Creating an Appliqué Motif
Using the WreathMaker
Layering Patches in EQ
Rotating or Flipping a Drawing in EQ
Copying Lines or Patches
Resizing a Block Patch
Deleting Lines or Patches
How to change the Snap to Grid Points in EQ
Turning Grid Lines on and off in EasyDraw and PatchDraw

Working with the Graph Pad

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Turning on the Graph Pad in EQ
Working with the Graph Pad in EQ

Working with Fabrics and Colors

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Sorting Colors, Fabrics and Blocks in EQ
Creating New Colors
Creating a Shaded Palette
Making Print Fabric in New Colorways

EQ5 Tutorials

Using the "Eye Dropper" in EQ5
How to Rotate Fabric (Add Fabric Symmetry) and use the Fussy Cut Tool in EQ5
How to use the Swap and Spraycan Tools in EQ5

Importing Fabrics Swatches into EQ

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Installing Irfanview
Scanning Fabric using Irfanview and your scanner
Capturing Fabrics From the Internet Using Netscape and Microsoft Internet Browsers
Using Irfanview Graphic Program to convert Fabric Images
Importing Fabric into EQ

Importing Bitmaps and Tracing in EQ

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Importing Bitmaps into EQ
Tracing Bitmaps in EQ

EQ5 Tutorials

Importing Pictures into EQ5

Can I Do this?

EQ4 Tutorials

Can I change EQ4's Sketchbook Default Fabrics to my own Custom Default Palette?
Using Photos in EQ4 Projects
Accessing CYFQ "State Book" Projects in EQ4

EQ4/5 Tutorials

Create Red and Blue Work in EQ
Using the Fussy Cutting Tool in EQ4
How can I make return mailing labels using EQ4 and Microsoft Word
How can I making return mailing labels using Corel WordPerfect
How can I print a Block with a Seam Allowance around it?
Downloading and Opening a Shared EQ4 Files
Save the "Floppy Gazette" PDF files to your computer from the EQ Web Site
Creating Appliqué Letters in EQ
How to open EQ5 and EQ Help side by side on your Computer Screen
How to download and save Carol Doak BOM Projects in EQ5 (NEW)

EQ5 Tutorials

Backing up the "My EQ5" Folder on to a CD-ROM
How to download and install EQ5 Palette of the Month for the EQ Web Site
How to download and install Club-eq Challenge Zipped File Results (Secret Web Page not provided, you have to participate to get this)

Working with E-mail Programs

Creating e-mail filters in Outlook Express
How to create an e-mail filter in Netscape Messenger
How to create a filter in Eudora
Creating a Signature in Outlook Express (NEW)

Working with Other Electric Quilt Programs/CDs

Stitched with Love

How to open "Stitched with Love" Project files in EQ and Save them

Create Your Family Quilt

Accessing "Create Your Family Quilt" state blocks in EQ5

Quilt Design Wizard

Opening "Quilt Design Wizard" Projects in EQ5 and EQ6 (Updated)

Town & Country Patchwork

Opening "Town & Country Patchwork" Projects in EQ5
Linking EQ5 to "Town & Country Patchwork" Block and Fabric Library

Karen K. Stone Palettes and Projects

Opening Karen K Stone Fabrics and Projects Files in EQ5(NEW)

Judy Martin's Stars and Sets

Linking EQ5 to Judy Martin's "Stars and Set" Blocks and Fabrics(NEW)
Opening Judy Martin's "Stars and Set" Projects in EQ5

Dear Jane Tutorials

Linking EQ5 to the Dear Jane User Files
Linking to Dear Jane Blocks, Fabrics, Quilt Layouts and User Libraries in EQ5
Saving a Dear Jane Palette in EQ5
Creating a Second Dear Jane "My Block Chart" on your hard drive

Quilted Diamonds

Accessing Quilted Diamond Files in EQ5 (NEW)

YesUcan Freeware

Using Netscape to download the YesUcan Program
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer to download the YesUcan Program
Getting around in YesUcan
How to Save info-eq Responses in "YesUcan"
How to download, install and create an Icon for YesUcan6

Working with Quilt-Pro Fabric Palettes

How to Import Quilt-Pro Fabric Palettes into EQ4/EQ5


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