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Created: 10 November 1998

Use the Instructions outlined in Lesson 13 in your Block Base Manual to create PCX files of the blocks you want to appear on your labels.

NOTE: These instructions will also work if you want to use your Quilt designs from EQ3 on your Labels. The only change you would make is where you look for the Quilt Export from EQ3 which would be in the "Pic" Folder under EQ3. First, you would create the export from EQ3 using Lesson 16 in the EQ3 Manual.

Using Microsoft Word 97

1. Open Microsoft Word 97

2. Click on Tools, then click on "Envelopes and Labels"

3. In the Envelopes and Labels window, click in the area provided for the address. To offset      your address to the right making room on the label for your block press the space bar on your keyboard 20 times.

4. Type in your address.

5. Make the following changes in the "Envelopes and Labels" window:

    a. Under Print - Select "Full page of the same Label"
    b. Click the Options Button and select your Label product and number.
    c. Click the OK Button

6. Click the "New Document" Button to make the Labels

7. A full page of Labels will appear with your address on each of the Labels.

8. Making sure the horizontal ruler is turned on, place the insertion point to the far left of      your name in the first Label.

9. Click on "Insert" located on the Menu Bar

10 Click on "Picture", then click on "From File.."

11. In the "Insert Picture" window, click the down arrow in the "Look In" Box.

12. Click on the "C" Drive, or the drive you have Block Base installed on.

13. Scroll down to the Block Base Folder (Bb1 or bb1) and double Click on the folder

14. Double Click on the "Pic" Folder to open it.

15. Click on the block you created when you Export the block from Block Base to highlight it.

16. Click on the Insert Button

17. When the Block appears in the label we need to resize it,

18. While pointing in the middle of the Block click your right mouse button point and double        click on it. In the window that appears click on "Format Picture".

19. In the "Format Picture" window do the following:

     a. Click the "Size" Tab - change the size of the picture or which ever size works well with           your Label.
      b. Click the "Wrapping Tab", under Wrapping Style select "Square"
      c. Under Wrap to, select "Left"
      d. Click the Position Tab - Remove the check from the "Move object with Text" and           "Lock Anchor" boxes.
      e. Click the "OK" button
      f. On the Edit Picture Tool Bar click the "Reset Picture Boundary" Button This will
          resize the area around the Block.
      g. Click the "Close Picture" Button on the "Edit Picture" Toolbar

20. Make any necessary text alignments on the labels as necessary.

21. Use the Copy Command (CTRL+C) and Paste Command (CTRL+P) to copy the same        block to the remaining labels.

22. If you want a different block on each Label repeat Steps 9 through 20.

23. Once you have a Block on all of the Labels, save the document for future use.

24. Place a blank Label sheet in the printer in accordance with the instructions of your printer.

25. Click on File, then click on Print.

26. You now have custom mailing labels.

Using Corel WordPerfect 8.0

1. Open Corel WordPerfect 8.0

2. Click on Format then click on Labels

3. In the Labels window select a Label from the list

4. Click the Select Button

5. Type your address in the Label

6. To create multiply labels:

    a. Click "Tools", then click "Merge"
    b. Click "Perform Merge", then click "Options"
    c. Type in the number of labels on the sheet of label in the " Number of copies for each         record"  Box.
    d. Click Ok, then click Merge

7. Place the insertion point to the left of your name in the first Label

8. Click "Insert" on the Menu Bar, Click "Graphics", then click "From File"

9. In the Insert Image window click the down arrow in the Look in Box. Then click the "C"      Drive (or which ever drive you have Block Base installed on) and double click your mouse.

10. Locate and double click on the Block Base Folder (Bb1 or bb1)

11. Double click on the "Pic" Folder

12. Select the Block you Exported from Block Base. Click the "Insert" Button.

13. Repeat Steps 6 through 11 to place a different block on the remaining Labels.

14. NOTE: If you want to use the same block on all of your Labels then perform Step 6 after       you have completed Steps 7 through 11 to insert the block.

15. Save the document for future use

16. Place a blank sheet of Label in your Printer in accordance with the instruction outlined in        your Printer Manual.

17. Click File then click Print.

18. You now have custom mailing labels.