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About the Upgrade

About the System Requirements

About Activation

What's new in EQ6

About the Upgrade

What is the difference betweeen the Red Box and the Purple Box?

The only difference between the Red Box (Full Version) and the Purple Box (Upgrade Version) is the Purple Box Version CD requires
the EQ5 be installed on your computer. The Red Box Version does not require EQ5 to be installed. Once installed tha programs look and act the same.

Is there a different User Manual different for the Red Box and the Purple Box Versions of EQ6?

The User Manual is the same

I don't have the right computer system right now, but will have XP in a few months.
Can I buy the upgrade now and install it later?

Yes, you can take advantage of the special offer and install EQ6 when you get your new computer.

When I install EQ6, will I be able to maintain and run both EQ5 and EQ6 on the same computer?

Yes. EQ5 will work independently of EQ6, and you can have both on the same computer.

If I get the EQ6 Upgrade, will I still get the EQ6 user manual?

Yes. The EQ6 Upgrade is identical to EQ6. The only difference is that the CD for the EQ6 Upgrade needs EQ5
to be currently installed on the computer on which you install EQ6.

If I still have EQ 4.1. Can I still upgrade to EQ5 or do I have to go all the way to EQ6?

If you are a registered EQ4.0 or EQ4.1 user, you can get an upgrade discount for EQ5 or for EQ6.
Contact customerservice@electricquilt.com, or call 1-800-356-4219 (9 – 5 EST).

I have EQ1, EQ2, or EQ3, can I get the EQ6 Upgrade or a discount?

No. We're sorry, but your software is 10-15 years old. You will need to get the complete EQ6 program at its full price.

Can I use the free, downloaded EQ5 palettes in EQ6? Will there be future Palettes of the Month?

Yes. You'll be able to quickly and easily import from your EQ5 palettes through the EQ6 Fabric Library.
And yes, there will indeed be new free fabrics to download, and some free projects too coming up.

What will happen to my EQ5 projects if I open them in EQ6?

When you open an EQ5 (PJ5) file in EQ6, the file will be untitled. So your EQ5 file will remain in EQ5, untouched.
You will also now have a copy of it in EQ6 and can work on it and save it in EQ6, which will make it an EQ6 file.

You will then have two files: Your original PJ5 file and your new PJ6 file.

Alternatively, from the EQ6 Library, you can import blocks, fabrics or layouts (unfilled blank layouts) from EQ4, EQ5 or EQ6 projects,
and can import photos and embroidery from EQ5 or EQ6 projects. So it will be quick and easy to merge items from various projects
as you work (something you can't do in EQ5). If you want a completed quilt (filled with blocks, fabric etc.) you need to open the project
file with FILE > Open, rather than importing from the Library.

Will all my other EQ Company software, like BlockBase, Dear Jane and the Classic Applique blocks link with EQ6?


If I buy the EQ6 upgrade by mistake, and can't install it because I don't have EQ5, can I return it?

No. The EQ6 upgrade is not returnable.

You can exchange your EQ6 Upgrade CD for the regular EQ6 CD and pay the price difference plus a small restocking fee.
Contact The Electric Quilt Company (no matter who you originally purchased your EQ6 Upgrade from) at
customerservice@electricquilt.com (1-800-356-4219 M-F EST).

About the System Requirements

I don't have Windows XP, will EQ6 work on my computer?

No, EQ6 only runs on Windows XP and newer operating systems.

Will EQ6 run on my Macintosh computer?

We have not had a chance to test this yet. The emulation software used, however, would need to be for Windows XP in order for the software to install.

I don't have internet access; will I be able to install EQ6?

No. We're sorry, but internet access is necessary. Once the program is installed, activated, and registered, internet access is no longer required.

I often like to work on my computer outside, when it's not connected to the Internet.
Will this work with EQ6?

Yes. The computer only needs to be connected to the internet for installation, activation and registration.
After EQ6 is completely installed, EQ6 does not need to be connected to the internet.

What are the system requirements for EQ6?

General System Requirements:

• Windows® XP or Vista

• Internet access for activation (4 activations included)

• CD-ROM drive

• Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater

• Sound card recommended for videos

Additional Requirements for EQ5 to EQ6 Upgrade:

• EQ5 must be installed for the installation to work.

About Activation

If EQ6 only has four activations, does it take an activation each time I have to reinstall the program?

Once you install EQ6 on a computer, reinstalling on that same computer is not considered an activation, unless you change the computer
considerably, such as getting a new hard drive. This means under normal situations you can install and reinstall continuously on the same computer.

When you purchase software, most or at least some software only allow you to legally install on one computer.
So if you have a PC and a laptop, that would require two separately purchased and registered copies to be
legal. Is that true for EQ as well?

We allow more installation possibilities. We realize you may have a desktop, a laptop, a computer at work, and possibly one at another
home, and want to install EQ6 on all of them. This does not break copyright law, since you are the only one using EQ6 on these computers.
But there are only 4 activations possible. If you bought a new computer and have already used 4 activations, you would not be able to install again.

I teach and demonstrate. How will the activations limit affect me?

We have a plan for providing CDs for those who are teaching classes. Teachers will not need to use their own
CDs to install on classroom computers. Please contact us and give us your class location, date and times.

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