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Sporting 100 new features! Yea, that's right 100 new features!

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The Libraries

  1. Overall friendlier interface
  2. View the Library and the Project Sketchbook items in the same dialog
  3. Select multiple items to add to the Sketchbook with one click
  4. Select multiple items and delete them from the Sketchbook with one click
  5. Ability to sort and delete from the Project Sketchbook from within the Library
  6. Ability to link to other EQ product libraries from within the Library dialog
  7. Expanded notecards than can flip and be pinned down for viewing continuous items
  8. Import items from other EQ projects
  9. Ability to display more items within the dialog
  10. Ability to build My Library files for all design items
  11. Efficient copy and paste procedures for building custom libraries
  12. Unlimited My Library files
  13. Easy interface for naming libraries and styles
  14. Search for blocks by pre-defined categories like construction method or skill level
  15. Search for fabrics by text or color
  16. Search for layouts, embroidery or photos by text
  17. Search for thread by text or color
  18. Import fabric scans or photo images using BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats
  19. Import embroidery designs using EXP format
  20. Addition of a Photo Library
  21. Addition of a Thread Library
  22. Ability to create thread by RGB values

The Project Sketchbook

  1. Ability to see more than one quilt at a time
  2. Separate sections for embroidery, photos and thread
  3. Ability to move the entire dialog
  4. Expanded notecards that can be flipped and pinned
  5. Double-click to edit blocks and quilts to the worktable
  6. Sort capability for all sections
  7. Context menus for additional functionality specific to the section

Printing and Exporting

  1. Rotate templates before printing
  2. Option for larger key block for foundation patterns and rotary cutting charts
  3. Resizable foundation pattern dialog
  4. Improved labeling of foundation patterns
  5. Increased control over EQ's foundation numbering scheme
  6. Saving of foundation numbering
  7. Ability to print partial foundation patterns
  8. Ability to select setting triangles and print clipped blocks patterns
  9. Mirror option for printing blocks
  10. Prints template patterns for text set on quilt
  11. Export metafiles with fill color or with outline and fill
  12. Export high resolution images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats

Quilt Worktable

  1. New on-point layout style
  2. More options for locking sliders so they move together instead of separately
  3. More size information readily available within the palettes
  4. Two new border styles
  5. Ability to hide or show layers on the quilt as you are designing
  6. Option for always starting with a 4x4 horizontal layout
  7. Default border style is user settable
  8. Create a custom quilt layout from a block drawing with just a click
  9. Rulers for the quilt worktable
  10. Adjustable origin for the quilt rulers
  11. New Set Applique Text tool
  12. New Random Recolor tool
  13. New Set Auto Borders tool
  14. New Set Photo tool
  15. New Set Embroidery tool
  16. New Thread tools
  17. New Rotate Fabric tool
  18. New Erase Block tool
  19. New Paintbrush tools for freehand coloring of patches
  20. Friendlier interface for viewing block colorings and selecting a coloring
  21. Ability to add a plain block
  22. New position for the graph pad
  23. Ability to center a block in the quilt
  24. Fussy cut positioning of fabric is saved with the quilt

Block Worktable

  1. New precision bar for easier drawing board adjustments
  2. Ability to draw pieced PatchDraw blocks
  3. Addition of special grids: 8 point star, circle, arc, kaleidoscope, octagon
  4. New PolyDraw tools
  5. Settable grid dot size
  6. Settable color for grid dots
  7. Ability to hide or show layers on the block as you are drawing
  8. Ability to center selected segments
  9. New Ellipse tool for drawing appliqué
  10. New Rectangle tool for drawing appliqué
  11. New Brush Stroke tool for drawing appliqué
  12. New Freehand tool for drawing appliqué
  13. Shape Bezier curves by dragging directly on the curve
  14. Auto selection of segment as soon as it is drawn
  15. Tool specific precision bars for greater customization of drawing techniques
  16. Saving of fussy cut position of fabric
  17. Auto fill when patches are closed using PatchDraw
  18. Saving of open patches
  19. Adjust the stacking order of patching on the drawing layer or the color layer
  20. Serendipity options for creating new blocks by tilting, merging or framing
  21. Block palette on the color tab for quick editing of blocks
  22. Improved options for importing an image for tracing.


  1. Fabric scales based on the size of the block or quilt
  2. Most Recently Used Fabrics appear at the top of the fabrics palette
  3. Add and remove tools from toolbar
  4. Display large or small tools
  5. Customize the style of the tools
  6. Flyout tools for greater flexibility of tools
  7. Ability to restore to original default settings
  8. Large video screen with more videos
  9. Quick quilt projects
  10. Dynamic Toolhelp window
  11. Worktable tools for quickly changing worktables
  12. Implementation of an intro splash screen
  13. Tip of the Day option on startup or from the Help menu

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