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updated 8 July 1999

Before you start this process make sure you have the room on your hard drive to support this 90 MB file. If you have the room on your hard drive then you can continue. This is a two step process. First you must copy the Designer Fabric folder to the EQ4 Folder then you must update the EQ4.INI file in windows to look for the Designer Fabric folder on your hard drive rather then your CD-ROM Drive.

I. First copy the entire folder called "DSGNFABS" from the CD to the EQ4 folder.

1. Place the EQ4 CD in your CD-ROM Drive
2. Click on Start, the Click on Programs
3. Then Click on Windows Explorer
4. In the Windows Explorer window located the EQ4 Folder, then locate and click on your CD-ROM drive the contents will be visible in the "Contents" window of Window Explorer
5. Locate the folder titled "Dsgnfabs", this folders contains the designers fabrics for EQ4.
6. Point and click on this folder to highlight it.
7. Click on "Edit" then click on "Copy". You do not see anything happening but a copy has been made on the clipboard.
8. Now move to the EQ4 Folder on your hard drive, and click one time on the folder. This will highlight the folder.
9. With the "EQ4" folder highlighted, click on "Edit" then click on "Paste". This will create a "Dsgnfabs" sub-folder inside the EQ4 folder. This folder will have all of the designer fabrics in it from the CD.
10. Once the folder has been copied close Windows Explorer.

II. Now edit the INI file to read the fabrics from this new location. The INI file is called "EQ98.INI" and is located in the WINDOWS folder on you hard drive. Make sure you located the correct folder "C:\Windows\EQ98.INI".

To edit the "EQ98.INI" file do the following:

1. Click on Start.
2. Point to Programs.
3. Point to Accessories.
4. Click on Notepad or WordPad, either one will work.
5. When the word processor program is open, click on File, Open.
6. The Look In: box needs to show the Windows folder opened up. If something else appears in this box, scroll to find the Windows folder on your hard drive. Double-click on it to open it. Now the Look In: box will show an open Windows folder.
7. In the Filename: box type, EQ98.INI
8. Click on OK.

NOTE: Another way to located this folder is to:

a. Click on Start
b. Click on Find, then click on "Files and Folders"
c. In the "Find: All Files" window type in "EQ98.INI" in the Name box
d. Click the "Find Now" Button
d. When the search is complete, point and double click on the EQ98.INI file that has "C:\WINDOWS" in the "In Folder" column. This will open the file in notepad for you.

9. With the file open.
10. Edit the lines as suggested below.


Note: The "G" represents the letter of the CD-ROM drive. Your CD-ROM may have a different letter here (Example: "D", "E" etc).

Change this line to "C:\EQ4\DsgnFabs\"

11. Click on File then click on "Save". Close the word processor.
12. Take the EQ4 CD-ROM out of your CD Drive. Now open EQ4 and go to the Fabric Library. Click on the Designer Library and open a folder. The fabrics should appear on screen.

Congratulations, you have installed the Designer Fabrics to your hard drive. Now you can play music and design quilts at the same time.