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Created: 14 October 2000
lAST UPDATED:11/08/2000

The following instructions will step your though the process of making
a copy of the "Stitched with Love" project files into EQ4.
First, print these instructions out.
Then, read the instructions completely before your start the process of copying the files..

1. Install "Stitched with Love" on to your computer hard drive. Make sure you make a note as to which hard drive you installed the program on to.

2. Restart your computer.

3. Open "Windows Explorer", by clicking on "Start" click on "Programs" then click on "Windows Explorer".

4. Once "Windows Explorer" opens, look at the column on the left hand side of your screen, this is a listing of all the folders on your computer. Locate the "EQ4" folder.

If you installed "EQ4" on another hard drive ("D", "E" etc.) you must located that hard drive, point and double click on it, then look for the "EQ4" folder.

5. Once you located the "EQ4" Folder, point and double click on it. This will display the contents of the folder on the left side of your screen.

6. Point and double click on the "prj" Folder. This is where all of your EQ4 projects are saved to.

7. With the "prj" Folder highlighted on the left side of the screen, click on "File", click on "New", then click on Folder. You will created a folder to save a copy of the "Stitched with Love" Projects into.

8. A new folder will appear on the right side of your screen at the bottom of the list, called "New Folder". Type in a new name for this folder. I named my "Stitched with Love Projects". Call yours whatever you like. Just make a note of the name.

9. Next, locate a folder named "Electric Quilt Company" on your hard drive. This is where the "Stitched with Love" Program was installed on your hard drive.

10. Point and double click on the "Electric Quilt Company" folder. Then point and double click on the "Magic" folder to open it.

11. In the "Magic" folder you will see a number of projects containing blocks, fabrics, and motifs. You are looking for 9 Projects files:

Chap 2a.pj4
Chap 2b.pj4
Chap 2c.pj4
Chap 2d.pj4
Chap 4a.pj4
Chap 4b.pj4
Chap 4c.pj4
Chap 1.pj4
Chap 3.pj4

These projects will have all of the quilts and blocks listed in them. In accordance with Robyn's book.

12. Click on the first project to highlight it, then press and hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, then point and click on the next project, while continuing to holding down the "Ctrl" button. Continue doing this until you have selected all of the projects listed above. They will all be highlighted.

13. With the Projects highlighted, point and click on "Edit" then click on "Copy". The projects will be copied to your computer's clipboard. You will not see anything happen, but they have been saved to the clipboard.

14. Located the folder you created in Step #8. Point and click on it to highlight it.

15. Click on "Edit" then click on "Paste". All of the projects will be copied to your new folder.

16. Once this process is completed. Close Windows Explorer.

17. Open EQ4

18. Click on the "Open an Existing Project" Tab.

19. Click on the folder button in the lower left hand corner of the window. It looks like a yellow folder open.

20. Point and double click on the "Stitched with Love Project" folder you created in Step #8.

21. Select a Project then click the "Open" button. The project will open in EQ4.

Congratulations you did it!!!!! Now you can print the templates any size you wish.