My name is Sheila Williams. I am a Computer and Quilting Software Consultant.

I have been quilting for a very long time.
I learned to use the Computer while I was in the United States Marine Corps. I started my Computer Consulting Business once I retired from the Marine Corps.
While attending a Quilting Class at Palomar College, Bonnie Tinling, the instructor, told the class that we were going to learn to use graph paper to make templates. Well, while in the Marine Corps I was a Combat Support Chief and spent my days with graph paper loading ships, rail, buses, and trucks. There was no way I was going to spend my off duty time looking at more graph paper. So, I asked Bonnie if there was a computer program that would make the templates for me. I was not happy with her reply, something about accuracy and the computer. I was determined to find a program. It took me two months but I found a program "Quilters Design Studio" now known as "QuiltSoft". That was the start of a great journey.
From there I started teaching my friends how to use the software programs that they had purchased.
Some of them had programs that had never left the original box!
I called or wrote letters to all of the program companies I had learned about in my search and asked if I could teach their software programs.
They were all very nice and said yes, in writing.
I now conduct Lectures,Workshops,Demos and Classes in the Southern California Area.
My husband tells his friends "She has a laptop and will travel". Oh well, he thinks it is funny. But I am having a ball.
In my spare time I beta test software programs for software companies. I have a number of clients that I keep their computers up and running.
I also consult with people that are in the process of setting up home base business and help them select the right equipment for the job.
I created this Web Site I decided to concentrate on locating all the information I could find on the programs so that you will have a central location to find out about the quilting software programs. There are a number of sites that review the software so you will find links to those sites.
In my classes, workshops, demos and lectures I always give a list of web sites that people can go and read about the different software programs on the market.
I will include all that information here on this site, along with some other interesting information.
You will also notice that I sell all of the quilting software programs.
I am only beginning with this site so make a bookmark and visit often.
Thanks for stopping by and please come again soon.

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