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Last Updated: 6/15/2013

Database Programs:

To download the files:

Using Netscape = Point and right click on the database name then click on "Save Link as".

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer = Point and click on the database name then click the "Save" button.


Click the link above to download a 30 day trail version of Bargello 32. This Demo will stop working 30 days from the day you install it. This is a full working version of the program. If you like the program click here to get a Software Key to unlock the program or click here to order the program on CD-ROM. The manual for this program is in the help files.

Creative Impulse

Click the link above to download a 30 day trail version of Creative Impulse. This is a 30 day trail download and will stop working 30 days from the day you installed it. If you like the program click here to get an Access Key to unlock the program or click here to order the program on CD-ROM. The manual for this program is on the CD.

Electric Quilt 5 Videos - Click here to watch on this program

Quilt-Pro 5 Update - Version 5.5

Quilt 123! from Quilt-Pro - Download a 30 day trail version of this "For Beginner" Quilting Program.

PC Quilt (Win and Mac) Demo Download - Download a demo version

Gordon Cooper's Database Programs for Computer's running Windows 98 - 2000


KeepFive is a small database program intended to help users of EQ5 keep information on "How To" in a easy to find and use format. It has been developed from an earlier version of the "Keepmany" database program. KeepFive has five separate databases available in a single program. You can create a database for BlockBase, EQ5, Sew Precise and STASH.

"KeepFive" is a great program to keep all of those notes from the "Info-eq" list and notes from things that you learn about your Electric Quilt Programs as you learn to use them.

You can also have a second or third copy of the program for notes from your other computer programs or even list that you subscribe to.

This is Version 1.1

KeepFive Update

If you already have KeepFive 1.0 installed, you need to download and install this automatic update file. This update will fix a problem with the "printlist" feature in KeepFive 1.1.

Installing this update will not effect, change or delete any information you have already saved in this database program.


KeepMany is a free blank database program created especially for EQ users Gordon Cooper. This database program allows you to copy and paste information from web sites and list and store it in a convenient format for easy recall. KeepMany has 6 separate databases. This program will allow you to keep all those notes that you keep losing on your desk in a safe organized place.


"YesUCan started life as a computer file containing words of wisdom gleaned from Info-Eq, the extremely useful email list shared by users of Electric Quilt. In the beginning, it contained 200 or more separate Info-Eq items, but since then YesUcan has grown up. Apart from my own [Gordon Cooper] culling of additional Info-Eq material, individual users of the database have been able to add whatever they wished. The result is that there are now many very different versions of the program scattered through the quilting world." Gordon Cooper

This is the most uptodate version of "YesUCan3". It was updated June 2003 by Gordon Cooper.

To help you get started using "YesUCan" I have prepare a number of tutorials, click here to view the tutorials.

Gordon Cooper's Database Programs for Computers running Windows XP

Gordon wrote these upgrades anticipating programs users may have using his original 16bit code programs. These program upgrades have been written in 32bit code and are better suited to Windows XP and the newer computers. If you are currently running an earlier versions of Gordon's Database Programs and not experiencing any programs it is not necessary for you to upgrade. However, if you are running Windows XP and experiencing problems or receiving errror messages when you try to open either the "YesuCan 3 or "KeepMany" Database Program, it is recommended that you download and install the following upgrade programs.

YesUcan 4 - Windows XP Upgrade for YesUcan, YesUcan2 and YesUcan3

KeepFour - Windows XP Upgrade for KeepMany

YesUcan 6 - YesUcan6 has six empty databases for Users to save whatever bits of information they like. Make sure you checkout the Help Files for information on copying data files from YesUcan4 or 5 into this new program in one step. Also make sure you check out the YesUcan 6 Tutorial.